Maxime Herve | Music composer
Website of Maxime Hervé, music composer for films, documentaries and video games
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Max Hervé


Maxime Hervé is a music composer for visual media. He started his career in 2013 in Los Angeles, becoming the assistant of Mychael Danna on the movie Transcendence (Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman).  After this fruitful experience, collaboration with him continued on the first two seasons of the American TV series Tyrant.


Maxime also assisted French Canadian composer Michel Corriveau with whom he worked on TV series’ Mensonges and Versailles as well as the movie Anna.


Since 2013, Max has worked with the team at La Hacienda Creative, a studio based in Montreal, as assistant for CEO and creative director Brian d’Oliveira, but also as a composer and music project manager. He has composed the music for many documentaries, TV shows, and video games.


In February 2015, he won the award for best music on the short movie Segments at the Montreal International Film Scoring Competition and was nominated for best music on the short movie The Cage.


He was also nominated for the SABAM Award for Best Young Composer and was invited at the World Soundtrack Award 2015 in Gent, Belgium.


In 2016, Maxime was one of the top 30 finalist among 222 participants of the Oticons Faculty International Film Music Competition.


Composer and multi-instrumentalist, he is widely influenced by electronic, orchestral and world music. Max is known for his ability to blend all musical genres, to create riches and uniques tones, and to find the right musical approach for his projects.